CMB BX650 & BX610 Tracked Cone Crusher Plant

In response to customer demand and pressure from regulatory bodies for improved access and safety while applying tighter emissions limits, the CMB BX610 and BX650 Tracked Mobile Cone Crusher Plant offers GROUND LEVEL ACCESS to all major operational and service features.

The unique engine and transmission arrangement bring routine maintenance within easy reach without ladders and walkways. Fuelling, operation and filter changes can all be carried out at low level.

Crusher re-metalling and adjustments are achieved from a low-level walkway and further assisted by the feeder lift feature which clears the crusher while lifting the liners out.

The BX610 and BX650 Tracked Mobile Cone Crusher Plant offers unprecedented ease of access for servicing. While most servicing can now be carried out from ground level, other features make both routine and major service simple.

A product conveyor eject feature allows easy access to the feed boot area for easy seal and bearing changes and also clearing access to the underside of the crusher chamber for inspection and cleaning out. Feed boot wear plates can also be removed from outside the plant without the need to crawl down the belt or lift the crusher!

The feeder can be raised to allow major access to the engine bay, and will also discharge the hopper contents if it is not possible to run-out before transport.