Cone Crushers

The CMB Rockstar 150, 185 and 225 Cone Crushers are modern cast steel, all roller bearing and feature hydraulic adjustment which enables the operator to rapidly change the discharge setting, if required during the crushing operation. These machines feature hydraulics which also incorporate a tramp metal release, automatic reset and an unblocking feature which will clear the crushing chamber in a matter of minutes.

Re-metalling is carried out with the crushing head in situ. The short shaft configuration, which requires no top bearing, enables all major components to be removed from above, and demands minimal head room for installation and maintenance.

The proven all roller bearing design provides for lower power consumption, long life, easy spares availability and the need for a more compact lubrication system.

Product features:

  • High outputs of good product shape
  • Unattended operation
  • Fast and simple adjustment
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Large unobstructed feed opening.
  • Hydraulic Control

The controls of the Rockstar Cone Crushers comprise a contactless in-cylinder transducer, and an operating console which can be positioned within 4.5m from the crusher. Quick release, self-sealing couplings are used to connect the twin hydraulic hoses that run between the crusher and console.

Cone crusher console
The console houses the fluid tank, motorised hydraulic pump, valves, full plc instrumentation and push button controls. There is an option for complete remote control operation, so the crusher can be operated from a control room any reasonable distance away.

Chassis construction

The lower main frame is a heavy duty alloy cast steel construction, which has been heat treated to ensure the required level of toughness. The central boss, which houses the main shaft, is supported by three massive ribs and the countershaft housing.

Upper Frame
The cast steel upper frame is supported by six hydraulic double action cylinders. The unit is machined to provide accurate location for the concave support bowl assembly, which is bolted to the upper frame.

Wedge Assembly
The wedge assembly is a high grade, cast iron taper ring machined to correspond with the inner tapered surface of the main frame. Composite bearing pads are bonded to its outer surface which grip on the inner bore of the upper frame.

On the RS150 the wedge pressure against the upper frame is adjusted by means of 12 studs, whereas on the RS185 and RS225 the wedge adjustment is fully hydraulic.