Dewatering Screens

Features and Benefits

CMB dewatering screens are designed to efficiently remove moisture from sand and coal slurries.

  1. Rear wall drain; sloping at 45º, this feature is fitted with slotted dewatering panels. Incoming slurry is fed down this slope thus maximising initial water removal.
  2. Main deck of screen slopes upwards at 5º. The incoming slurry forms a ‘cake’ of material which acts as a filter bed to ensure maximum retention of solids.
  3. An on-board electric motor and guards eliminate the need for cumbersome on-site supports.
  4. Pivoting spring pedestals allow for quick angle changes.
  5. Optional bed divider can also be supplied when it is desired to dewater 2 products on one deck.
  6. Twin shaft oil-lubricated linear action vibrator transmits high ‘G’ force for maximum dewatering.