Inclined Screens

CMB Inclined bespoke screens can be constructed to fit any new or existing application. Sizes range from 900 x 1800 (6’ x 3’) to 2700 x 9400 (30’ x 9’), with one, two, three or four deck screens available.


  1. Replaceable discharge lips. These can be fitted with a variety of liners, for example; rubber, mild steel, abrasion-resistant steel etc.
  2. Heavy-duty, stress relieved decks which can be rubber covered. A variety of decks can be fitted dependent on the material to be screened (woven wire, polyurethane, rubber etc.).
  3. Standard SPC belt drive.
  4. Motors can be fitted with plug break starters to briefly run screen in reverse when stopping, ensuring smooth screen run-down.
  5. Precision laser cut side plates ensure a high quality, fatigue resistant product.
  6. Replaceable liners fitted to feed box and discharge lips.
  7. Robust grease lubricated vibrating unit provides powerful circular motion along complete length of screen.


  • Angles bolted to the top and bottom of the side-plates offer increased strength.
  • High strength friction grip bolts are used in the construction of the screen providing reliable but easily replaced connections.
  • Pivoting motor base supplied as an option (reduces load on belts starting, driving and stopping).
  • Spring bases can be supplied as fixed or pivoting thus enables screen to be positioned at different angles to suit application.
  • Feed box evenly distributes material on to deck of screen reducing wear.
  • Can be used for finished screening but is also suitable for scalping duty.