Jaw Crushers

The CMB range of Rockmonster Jaw Crushers are modern, cast steel, all roller-bearing machines. Designed to cope with some of the worlds' toughest aggregates, this is a machine developed specifically for heavy duty quarry work.
The crusher features stepless mechanical/hydraulic adjustment enabling the operator to change settings quickly. There are no shims to change, or bolts to re-tighten during the adjustment procedure.

Welding has been kept to a minimum in the design. The massive front wall and cross beam are special heat treated castings that are bolted and pinned into position. This method of construction avoids stress concentration often found in welded components.

Product features:

  • High outputs of good product shape.
  • Unattended operation.
  • Fast, simple adjustment.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Large unobstructed feed opening.

Rockmonster Jaw Crusher - Features and Benefits

Section A

  1. A deflector plate prevents damage to the top of the jaw and speeds up the feeding operation.
  2. Cast steel front wall bolted and pinned into position.
  3. Cast manganese steel cheek plates.
  4. The deep jaws provide for a large feed opening with a small nip angle giving increased crushing efficiency and high capacity.
  5. Replaceable fixed jaw support. Simply bolt a new component into position.
  6. The low-maintenance dry rolling toggle arrangement needs no lubrication.
  7. Pivot tension rod assembly available with spring auto-adjust option.
  8. Massive cast steel cross beam, bolted and pinned in position.
  9. Mainframe cross-ties bolted into position.

Section B

  1. Flywheel attached to shaft by Ringfeder shrink couplings.
  2. Stepless, infinitely variable hydraulic adjusting system. Crusher setting can be adjusted at the touch of a button.*
  3. Mounting feet can be varied to suit application.
  4. Bearing housings bolted into position. Bearings are mounted on centre-line of sideplates.
  5. Large cast flywheels with thick rims provide high inertia.
  6. Large spherical bearings protected by a combination of labyrinth and vee-ring seals.

* Auto-adjust is available as an option at extra cost. Standard fitting is a hydraulic hand pump.