Vibrating Feeders

CMB vibrating feeders combine scalping and feeding in a single operation. Providing a regulated flow of material to primary crushers, our feeders can be custom-built to suit your installation and requirements.


  1. Massive frame with heavy side members and I beam cross-members.
  2. Variable speed drive available via inverter drive.
  3. Motor and pivoting base.
  4. Oil-lube vibrating unit comprises two parallel counterweighted offset shafts which produces a motion which is 450 to the plane at the feeding surface.
  5. Robust springs designed to isolate the feeder from its supporting structure, capable of supporting the feeder and a full material load.


  1. Cast manganese steel grizzly bars can be individually removed or adjusted to meet changes in scalping material specifications.
  2. Equipped with 400 Brinell abrasion resistant liners as standard. Stainless steel can be used for sticky materials.